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  •  Frying Machine for line

  •  Frying Machine for line
    •  Frying Machine for line

    Continuous Frying Machine

    Type: MYZ-1200A MYZ-1500A MYZ-2000A
    Overall dimension: 1600*1050*1200mm 1900*1050*1200mm 2350*1050*1200mm
    Power: 27kw/380v 40.5kw/380v 54kw/380v
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    Brief Introduction:

    Oil-water mixer frying machine, can be used for frying kinds of snacks, meats, chips etc. Widely used in food processing factory, fried-chicken shops, hotels , and restaurant etc.


    • Oil-water mixer technology highly extend the service life of oil, It can save 50% oil , 40% electric and coal, also guaranteed the quality of product.

    • Double control of temperature for oil and water. Fan motor cooling for the water, which will keep water in certain temperature range, and not boiling into oil ,cause spill.

    • It adopts heating in middle oil layer , by controlling the temperature of upper and lower oil, which can effectively relieve the oxidation degree of the oil .

    Working Principle:

    Put oil and water into the frying tank, because of different specific gravity, the water will go down and oil upside. When working, the residue in oil will fall down into the water. And the water also supply steam for the oil, which ensures the oil not getting dark, thus extend the service life of oil.

    Video can check this link:youtu.be/CgZO9PSRH0M       youtu.be/7JaF8P9kYu8

    Technical Data:

    Model Discharging Oil Sink Size Power Overall Dimension Weight
    MYZ-500 Manual Discharging
    500*500*400mm 9kw/380v 880*620*930mm 60kg
    MYZ-1000 1000*500*400mm 21kw/380v 1380*620*950mm 120kg
    MYZ-1200 1200*500*400mm 24kw/380v 1580*620*1000mm 140kg
    MYZ-1500 1500*500*400mm 36kw/380v 1880*620*1000mm 180kg
    MYZ-1200A Automatic Discharging
    1200*700*400mm 27kw/380v 1600*1050*1200mm 210kg
    MYZ-1500A 1500*700*400mm 40.5kw/380v 1900*1050*1200mm 230kg
    MYZ-2000A 2000*700*400mm 54kw/380v 2350*1050*1200mm 280kg

    Automatic Mixing Automatic Discharging
    Diameter1200*400mm 63kw/380v 1660*1490*1500mm 500kg
    MYZ-1500Y Diameter1500*400mm 79kw/380v 1680*2050*1500mm 580kg

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