Cookie Production Line

Brief Introduction

  • Cookie production line consists of mixing machine, cookie forming machine, baking oven, cooling belt, working table, packing machine. There are semi-automatic type and full-automatic type. Customers can choose according to their own needs. This line can be used for making Danisa cookies, whole-tray cakes, small cakes, puff etc.



    Cookies green:

Working process

  • Semi-automatic production line:
    Mixing machine -Cookie forming machine -Batch rotary baking oven -Working table -Packing machine

  • Full-automatic production line:
    Dough mixer machine-Cookie forming machine (depositor, cutting, torsion, bracing)- Front drive -Tunnel baking oven- Back drive -Cooling belt- Working table-Packing machine

Equipment Characteristic

Cookie Production Line

  • 01

    Dough mixer:
    It adopts the principle of planetary motion, the agitator for planetary motion in the barrel, so that the food thoroughly mixed.

  • 02

    Cookie forming machine:
    This machine is kind of forming machine which can produce various kinds of snacks, cookies and biscuits. Put into well-mixed dough, by changing different depositor mold, cutting mold etc, to make cookies and biscuits of various shape. PLC control available.

  • 03

    Rotary oven:
    It adopts hot air circulation system and rotary baking carts, so that all the materials heated evenly.  Equipped with lighting system, we can clearly observe the baking process of food through the glass door. There are three heating ways available for chosen, electric, gas and diesel. It’s the best baking equipment of cookies, bread, cake, moon cake and other snacks.

  • 04

    Tunnel oven:
    It is composed of an oven tunnel, mesh belt, chain, transmission system, chimney, electric heating pipe and a control box. This oven adopts infrared electric heating to make snacks evenly heated, Speed can be adjusted, precise control of oven temperature, the oven is generally divided into 4 meters as one part, and, divided into several different temperature zones of which, the temperature can be controlled separately.

  • 05

    Cooling device:
    This cooling device is used to make sure the biscuits fully cooled before delivered to the packaging platform, which ensures the quality of the biscuit package and the extended shelf life.

  • 06

    Packing machine:
    We can equip different packing machine to meet different packing requirement, packed in trays, independent bags, or boxes etc.

Production capacity

Model Mold Holes Voltage Power Capacity Tray Size Dimension
QQJ-400 7 220~380/50Hz 0.75kw 100~150kg/h 400*600mm 1400*900*1300mm
QQJ-600 10 220~380/50Hz 1.5kw 180~250kg/h 600*400/ 600*600mm 1400*1100*1400mm
QQJ-800 13 220~380/50Hz 3kw 280~350kg/h 800*400/ 800*600mm 1800*1300*1400mm
QQJ-1000 16 220~380/50Hz 4.5kw 350~450kg/h 1000*400/ 1000*600mm 2000*1500*1500mm 



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