Pulp Production Line

Brief Introduction

  • We can supply the equipments according to the customer process requirement(the kinds of their fruits and the capacity they need), and also can customize the equipments as the size of workshop and processing technology. Usually the processing processes are: cleaning, crushing, preheat, pulping, sterilization, filling. The machine material is 304 stainless steel, beautiful and durable.

Working Process

  • Storage tank - Elevator lifting machine - Cleaning machine- Picking machine - Elevator lifting machine – Crushing machine – Preheating -pulping - Concentration - Sterilization – Filling

Equipment Characteristic

Pulp Production Line

  • 01

    Elevator Lifting Machine :
    For lifting and transportation of materials, artificial materials can easily fall into the hopper, continuous, uniform material will be elevated through the conveyor belt to the next step.

  • 02

    Cleaning Machine :
    It is suitable for leaning and conveyor fruits & vegetables . The device is at work of the bubble, surfing, promotion, spray high-cleaning, energy-saving, water-saving, stable and reliable equipment to maintain the original color and other characteristics.

  • 03

    Picking Machine :
    Using the mesh belt transmission to the next procedure at the same time picking a peel defect or incomplete material, picking, convenient, save time and effort and continuous operation. After picking the material by this device can continuously even promoted to cutting equipment, save a lot of labor, increase production.

  • 04

    Crushing Machine:
    Crushing the fruit, improve the juicing efficiency.

  • 05

    Widely used in various types of food processing industry, hotels, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises, army authorities, college canteens and other, for porridge, soup, cooking and stew . At the same time, it can be used in candy, cakes, drinks, candied fruit, jam and so on food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmaceutical and other daily-use chemical industry.

  • 06

    Pulping machine :
    This machine is suitable for pre-cooked drupes (tomato, mango, peach, apricot) and berries (Kiwi, strawberry) and pomaceous fruits (apple, pear). Its main characteristic is: pulp, slag (skin, seeds, nuts) will be automatically separated. Which can be used in production line or stand-alone production.

  • 07

    Concentration :
    Applicable to pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries on the liquid material concentration, distillation process.

  • 08

    Using high temperature pasteurization principle, deal with the juice for sterilization.

  • 09

    PLC controlled, driven by compressed air to complete filling, with strong stability. Applicable to sauces with particles and large concentration, like chili sauce, bean sauce, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, and ketchup etc.

Production Capacity

Model Material Capacity (T/h) Rotate Speed (rpm) Power (KW) Dimension (mm)
DJ1-2.5 mango 1.5 600 4 1450*770*1650
tomato 2.5 840
DJ2-4.0 mango 1.5 First channel 462 7.5 1535*1420*1680
Second channel 1000
tomato 4 First channel 860
Second channel 1000

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