Onion Roll Production Line

Brief Introduction

  • Onion process machinery includes onion peeling machine, onion root and tail cutting machine , onion slicing machines, frying machine, deoiling machine and so on . Automatic and complete mechanical and electrical integration of the process: from feeding, peeling the skin, frying and packaging. Simple operation, less investment, is one of the ideal equipment for food processing plants. We also according to customer requirements, customized with different specifications. According to the customer's site, production requirements and electrical requirements to give a reasonable design configuration, to achieve customer satisfaction effect.

Working process

  • The onion cutting head and tail---peeling-- cutting--dehydration--frying---deoiling .

Equipment Characteristic

Onion Roll Production Line

  • 01

    Onion head tail cutting machine :
    1.This machine has automatic feeding, root cutting . all machine is stainless steel made, durable in use. no rust, no pollution to food material. the cut onion is round smooth, less lose, high rate of finished product, output can reach 600kg per hour, it is one economical environment friendly onion processing machine.

  • 02

    Onion peeling machine:
    2.The special design of onion peeling machine makes sure that the onion is no any friction with the blade during peeling. So you could get the garlic in good condition, low breakage, smooth surface, non-pollution.

  • 03

    onion cutting machine:
    It’s applicable to Leaf vegetable: like shallot,garlic, celery ,leek, cabbage can be cut in to strip Bulb group: like carrot, potato, tannia, bamboo shoot, onion, auberqine ,ginger, pepper ,cucumber  and other kinds! 

  • 04

    Onion dehydrator:
    The device using the theory of centrifugal to get rid of the surface of the water, food, vegetable products won't destroy the internal nutrients, is the ideal processing vegetables, food processing equipment.

  • 05

    Automatic frying machine :
    Frying machine mainly include electric heating, coal heating, gas heating, liquefied petroleum gas heating. Divided into manual discharging, automatic discharging, automatic Fried line three types, using several mixed new technology, automatic filter residue, greatly extend the frying oil use cycle, can use repeatedly for a long time without oil change, oil, water, respectively, automatic temperature control, double insulation, random set temperature from 0 to 260 degrees, no smoke, no changing, efficient environmental protection, up to fifty percent more fuel-efficient than ordinary frying machine, power saving, coal saving forty percent.

  • 06

    Deoiling machine:
    This kind of machine using the theory of centrifugal to get rid of grease on the surface of the Fried foods, electromagnetic braking brakes, working time digital control, stainless steel making. Improve the product quality and taste, and reduces the cost and prolong the shelf life of food. Is a practical Fried food deoiling devices.

Production capacity

Product name Capacity Voltage
Onion head tail cutting machine 600kg 380v
Onion peeling machine 600kg 380v
onion cutting machine 400-2000kg 380v
Onion dehydrator 8-140kg/batch 380v
Automatic frying machine 100-200kg 380v
Deoiling machine 8-40kg/batch 380v

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