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    Single chamber vacuum packaging machine

    Type: DZQ400-2D DZQ500-2D DZQ600-2D
    Voltage: 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
    Machine size: 490×540×970mm 650×580×970mm 760×690×1060mm
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    Brief Introduction:

    The luxurious DZQ series single-chamber vacuum packaging machine has the following four selling points.

    This machine adopts the microcomputer operating system, which allows you to set the machine more accurately, dustproof, waterproof and stain resistant. The cover is made of fully transparent high-strength explosion-proof tempered plexiglass, which will not be deformed, and the packaging process can be seen at a glance. This machine has the functions of vacuuming and sealing once. For different packaging materials and packaging requirements, vacuuming, sealing, cooling, and air intake to the cover are opened, and the whole process is automatically controlled. The machine is equipped with adjustment devices such as vacuum degree and heat sealing time to achieve the desired packaging effect. According to the requirements of the user, it can be equipped with a printing device with convenient word-changing and clear printing. That is, at the same time of sealing, the shelf life, date of manufacture or factory number are printed on the sealing line to comply with the provisions of the National Food Labeling Law. This machine has the characteristics of advanced design, complete functions, stable and reliable performance, wide application range, good sealing strength, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It is an ideal vacuum packaging machine.


    •         Turn on the power;

    •   Turn on the power switch and set the vacuum time according to the requirements of the vacuum packaging;

    •         Setting the sealing temperature and the sealing time according to the material of the vacuum bag;

    •         Place the product on the sealing strip;

    •         Press the vacuum cover to start vacuuming;

    •         After reaching a certain degree of vacuum, enter the sealing procedure;

    •         After the seal is closed, it enters the cooling state, then deflates and the packaging is completed.


    Technical Data:

    Model DZQ400-2D DZQ500-2D DZQ600-2D
    Vacuum chamber size  420×400×120mm 520×520×120mm 620×620×120mm
    Packing capacity 1~4pcs/min 1~4pcs/min 1~4pcs/min
    Sealing size 400×10mm 500×10mm 600×10mm
    Heat seal number 2 2 2
    Maximum package size  Bag mouth 400X350mm Bag mouth 500X450mm Bag mouth 600X550mm
    Pumping speed 20m3/h  20m3/h  20m3/h 
    Power supply voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
    Power 0.9kw 0.9kw 0.9kw
    Machine size 490×540×970mm 650×580×970mm 760×690×1060mm
    Machine weight 85kg 95kg 120kg


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