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  • Drying Machine
  • Drying Machine
  • Drying Machine

  • Drying Machine
  • Drying Machine
  • Drying Machine
    • Drying Machine
    • Drying Machine
    • Drying Machine

    Drying machine

    Type: HGC-24 HGC-96 HGC-192
    Capacity: 60kg/batch 260kg/batch 420kg/batch
    Trolly: 1set 4sets 8sets
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    Brief Introduction:

    It widely used for the heating and dehydration of the raw materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light and heavy industries. Especially for the fruit and vegetable processing, such as leaf vegetables,onions,carrots, apples, lemons, bananas, and also for meat and sea food too.


    • Equipment Material: adopts high quality stainless steel, clean and healthy.

    • There are two devices on both side of the inside wall of machine, which can make the speed of wind uniform, then the materials (fruits or vegetables) can be drying more quickly.

    • The drying cars and the drying trays are also adopt high quality stainless steel, reasonable structure, beautiful and practical.

    • It adopts silicone rubber seals between the door and the machine, the sealing effect is good, and the thermostability of silicone rubber is very good.

    • There is a heat insulation layer inside the machine, it can make the drying effect much better.

    • The automatic control system can adjust the temperature very well, to maintain a constant temperature as the set value.

    Working Principle:

    Use hot air circulation blower to dry the material,fan wheel rotates, the outside air into the oven,after heater, hot air is formed,then enter the working chamber through the air distribution plate gap ,a lot of hot air inside the circulating flow,continue to enter new air inlet supplement.after the recycled exhaust moisture from the exhaust port.Whole cycle, so that the material is heated uniformly, and the purpose of drying.   


    Technical Data:

    Model Capacity Heating Drying Car Drying Tray Machine Size/ Machine weight
    HGC-24 60-80kg/batch Electric/ steam/ gas 1 set 24 pieces 1600*1200*2350mm/470kg
    HGC-48 120-150kg/batch Electric/ steam/ gas 2 sets 48 pieces 2500*1200*2350mm/830kg
    HGC-96 260-290kg/batch Electric/ steam/ gas 4 sets 96 pieces 2500*2200*2350mm/1100kg
    HGC-144 350-420kg/batch Electric/ steam/ gas 6 sets 144pieces 3500*2200*2350mm/1800kg
    HGC-192 500-550kg/batch Electric/ steam/ gas 8 sets 192pieces 44800*2200*2350mm/2150kg


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