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  • Bubble Washing Machine
  • Bubble Washing Machine
  • Bubble Washing Machine

  • Bubble Washing Machine
  • Bubble Washing Machine
  • Bubble Washing Machine
    • Bubble Washing Machine
    • Bubble Washing Machine
    • Bubble Washing Machine

    Bubble washing machine

    Type: QX2500 QX4000 QX6000
    Capacity: 500kg/h 1200kg/h 2000kg/h
    Power: 3.7kw 4.1kw 5.5kw
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    Brief Introduction:

    It is suitable for leafy vegetables, Edible fungi, Fruits, Aquatic products and herbs etc leafy, root cleaning products cleaning, edulcoration, conveyor.

    It is used for vegetable processing industry,canteen,food distribution center and so on.


    • It is made of SUS304 material,fitting for export food sanitary requirement. Machine equip with bubble generator,keeping the material at rolling state, the effectiveness of the product surface to remove pesticide residues, while adding agents for disinfection fixing. Floating overflow from the overflow tank, the precipitate was removed from the outfall, in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

    • The device is at work of the bubble, surfing, promotion, spray high-cleaning, energy-saving, water-saving, stable and reliable equipment to maintain the original color and other characteristics.

    • The conveyor parts are made of SUS304 mesh belt,working stable,long life,fitting for food sanitary.

    • Easy to operate, convenient to maintain and connect the wire.

    • The tank is made of 304 stainless steel.

    Working Principle:

    This machine can separate the mud and impurity on surface of foods with large of bubbles generated by high pressure pump the high pressure pump, then again spray the foods by water on the top of conveyor ,to achieve the dual purpose cleaning effect.

    Material go into the tank, under the action of high pressure water and a strong air bubbles are sufficiently broken up, rolling, cleaning, transfer.Sediment eluted from the surface of the material sink to the bottom isolated position, will not turned back to cause re-pollution. Debris, insects floating in the water, will be collected through the removing device,All cleaning material get out of water be washed by water spray cleaning materials, and then be conveyed to the next process.

    Technical Data:

    Model QX2500 QX3000 QX4000 QX5000 QX6000
    Power(kw) 3.7 3.9 4.1 5.1 5.5
    Capacity(kg/h) 500 800 1200 1500 2000
    Weight(kg) 200 300 400 500 600
    Dimension(mm) 2500*1000*1300 3000*1200*1300 4000*1200*1300 5000*1200*1300 6000*1200*1300


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