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  • Bean Sprouting Machine
  • Bean Sprouting Machine
  • Bean Sprouting Machine

  • Bean Sprouting Machine
  • Bean Sprouting Machine
  • Bean Sprouting Machine
    • Bean Sprouting Machine
    • Bean Sprouting Machine
    • Bean Sprouting Machine

    Bean sprouting machine

    Type: MKDY-100 MKDY-500 MKDY-1000
    Sprouting box: 8pcs 32pcs 64pcs
    Power: 1.5kw 2.8kw 3.5kw
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    Brief Introduction:

    This beans sprouting machine widely used in restaurant , medium business plant and supermarket etc. suitable for mung bean, soyabean, and black beans, also various bud seedlings.


    • Material:the machine body adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy framework. Inner tank is thermal insulation, waterproof and rustproof.

    • PLC control : Fully automatic , can provide the suitable space for bean spouts growing, does not need the guarding of a special person, save labors and time.

    • Machine tanks: every tanks can be controlled separately.

    • Water tanks: functions of temperature display, high temperature alarm , water shortage alarm, adding water automatically , automatic heating, automatic constant temperature water-spraying, forced water spraying after high temperature , water spraying interval display and water-spraying manually.

    • Ozone sterilizing machine : automatic sterilizing for water tank, inner boxes and bean sprouts. Ozone can kill the viruses, bacteria and microbes, providing security space for growth of sprouts.

    Working Principle:

    PLC controlled, Fully automatic , can provide the exact growing condition for bean spouts growing, like enough water and right temperature etc.

    Technical Data:

    Model Power Sprouting Box Day Ccapacity Size Weight
    MKDY-60 220v/0.75kw 6pcs 30kg 1500*800*1500mm 80kg
    MKDY-100 220v/1.5kw 8pcs 50kg 1500*800*1700mm 100kg
    MKDY-150 220v/1.5kw 10pcs 75kg 1500*800*1900mm 150kg
    MKDY-200 220v/2kw 16pcs 100kg 2600*800*1700mm 230kg
    MKDY-300 220v/2.5kw 20pcs 150kg 2600*800*1900mm 280kg
    MKDY-400 220v/2.5kw 24pcs 200kg 2600*800*2100mm 350kg
    MKDY-500 220v/2.8kw 32pcs 250kg 2600*1400*1700mm 400kg
    MKDY-600 220v/3kw 40pcs 300kg 2600*800*1900mm 430kg
    MKDY-800 220v/3.5kw 48pcs 400kg 2600*1400*2100mm 460kg
    MKDY-1000 220v/3.5kw 64pcs 500kg 4600*1400*1700mm 590kg

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