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  • Encrusting Machine
  • Encrusting Machine
  • Encrusting Machine

  • Encrusting Machine
  • Encrusting Machine
  • Encrusting Machine
    • Encrusting Machine
    • Encrusting Machine
    • Encrusting Machine

    Encrusting machine

    Type: BX-209
    Capacity: 60-99pcs/min
    Power: 1.75kw
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    Brief Introduction:

    Double-color multifunctional automatic filling machine can produce all kinds of filling, paste, paste products, such as cantonese moon cakes, green group, tang yuan, pineapple cakes, Yellowstone port can't afford to bread, the outermost layer of skin crisp old woman bread, potatoes, pumpkin pie, fish balls, meat balls, color walnut cake, fruit and other foods, also can be designed according to the different needs of customers .The filling machine can adapt to different stuffing, such as five jinhua-stuffing (whole peanuts, nuts, candy don't destroy the package), paste, red bean paste filling, fruit paste, fresh meat, ham, sesame Tang Xian sand, etc., can also package system fluids (such as jam, chocolate) cookie class fancy pastries. To produce a product filling proportion, leather can be arbitrary adjustment, uniform size, beautiful appearance.


    • Specially designed adjustment system for cutting knife ensures the smooth cutting surface and long-life using of knife.

    • Simple conveyor system ensures the machine clean and easy for maintenance.

    • Pastry weight ,dough thickness proportion ,and production speed can be randomly adjusted within the allowed range.

    • It can form different kinds of filling food such as moon cake ,crystal fruit ,jujube paste cake ,pineapple cake ,smashed bean bun ,egg yolk shortcake ,rice dumpling ,meat ball and so on.

    • Human-computer interface system makes the machine easy for operation according to the picture on the drawing Hundreds of different products features can be stored .

    Working Principle:

    Double color paste multi-functional automatic filling machine adopts using twisted-pair dragon conveying raw material, and USES the secondary transmission design, raw material in the process of conveying speed even, make the skin filling operation to minimize stress, the maximum internal oil, keep skin filling oil return quickly after baking, brilliant color, taste good, like the hand bag. The machine is equipped with high wear-resisting of complete sets of knives, Taiwan complete sets of electrical control system, inverter, programmable), touch screen control panel, all the parts contacted with food for stainless steel and food grade plastic. The machine has compact structure and reasonable, high degree of automation, easy disassembling cleaning.

    Technical Data:

    Product Name Model Power Supply Output Product Shape Product Weight Material Size Weight
    Encrusting machine BX-209 220v/50hz /1.75kw 60-99
    strip,sidesquare,terraced,serrate and etc.
    10-250g Stainless steel 1680*860*1300mm 280kg

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