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  • Egg Tart Machine
  • Egg Tart Machine
  • Egg Tart Machine

  • Egg Tart Machine
  • Egg Tart Machine
  • Egg Tart Machine
    • Egg Tart Machine
    • Egg Tart Machine
    • Egg Tart Machine

    Egg tart machine

    Type: A368-1 A303 A303-1
    Weight: 45kg 120kg 200kg
    Size of the machine: L550*W230*H720MM L840*W1400*H1500MM L700*W850*H1500MM
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    Brief Introduction:

    The egg tart skin former machine is used to process the egg tart skin .with good quality and large capacity. This machine can make various sizes of egg tart skins by changing the models. It is widely used to make Portuguese type egg tart, Beijing type egg tart, Cantonese type egg tart and other type egg tarts.


    • PLC program control, forming 1200-1200 per hour

    • Suitable for mass production, save manpower, reduce the cost.

    • It is easy to operate and complies to all safety and requirements.

    • It is easy to replace molds which can be custom-made products ,so that the products can be unique and multiplex.

    • Can choose adsorption folling cup, endless type can be used at the top.

    • Easy stripping, never touch the mould.

    • It is compact machine that needs only little space.

    Working Principle:

    Egg tart machine adopts professional pneumatic power design and controlled by PLC program,to ensure the egg tart skin shape standard, high efficienc, can use different mould create all kinds of specifications, the shape of the egg tart skin. Related machines have egg machine, flour mixing machine, hot air rotary furnace and so on.

    Technical Data:

    Model Weight Size of The Machine Voltage
    A368-1 45kg L550*W230*H720MM 220v
    A303 120kg L840*W1400*H1500MM 220v
    A303-1 200kg L700*W850*H1500MM 220v

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