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    Egg mixer

    Type: JB20 JB50 JB80
    Volume: 20L 50L 80L
    Power: 1.1kw 2.2kw 4kw
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    Brief Introduction:

    It is suitable for making cream, egg beating , mixing salad ,for dessert ,Mousse cake ,puff cake and ice cream and so on.


    • TMachine made of full stainless steel, durable, clean and healthy.

    • Working stable,no shaking.

    • There are three mixing stick with machine;

    • Whisk for liquid material mixing ,like cream,egg, in general use high speed .

    • Beat for powder, pasty material mixing, like stuff filling of food, in general use Middle speed.

    • Hook for dough mixing and sticky food , in general use low speed.

    Working Principle:

    1.Company with high speed motor , combined with principle of Earth rotation, forming Planetary orbit mixing method, coordinate Ergonomic egg net ,to make food material mixing better .

    2.Processional figure mixing blade, forming an upward flow when mixing, speed up material seethe, make mixing more evenly.

    3.Imitating old method mixing for dough, with widen hook type slurry knife head, Repeated pressing and kneading when mixing dough, make it taste more chewy.

    Technical Data:

    Model Voltage Power Speed range Volume Weight Dimension
    JB20 220v/50hz 1.1kw 100/180/400r/min 20L 130kg 400*500*860mm
    JB30 220v/50hz 1.5kw 110/220/420r/min 30L 140kg 513x550x900(mm)
    JB40 380V/5hz 2kw 65/102/296r/min 40L 150kg 550x650x1060(mm
    JB50 380V/5hz 2.2kw 74/141/277r/min 50L 385kg 610x650x1350(mm
    JB60 380V/5hz 3kw 74/141/277r/min 60L 400kg 610x650x1350(mm
    JB80 380V/5hz 4kw 74/141/277r/min 80L 500kg 610x750x1360(mm)

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